Live authentically and create the life you want

Dare to unlearn and unleash the authentic you!

Choose yourself and move; 

  • From confusion to clarity

  • From stress to inner peace

  • From settling to saying Yes to yourself

  • From feeling stuck to joy & creativity

  • From resentment to freedom


Hi, I’m Cassie

Alignment Coach

Cassie help people break free from old limiting patterns. She teaches them to unleash their authentic self and feel empowered by reconnecting with their own inner wisdom. She coaches people from all backgrounds to align to who they really are so they can create the life they want. 

Love Locks

Breaking free from your conditioning

You are a unique expression of source energy who meant to express it's uniqueness!

Most of us have been raised to be codependent. Meaning to please others or to fit in rather than acting in our best self and collective interest. Yes, self and collective. When we try to fit in, we don't have access to the unique divine gifts we were meant to share with the world. When we ignore our higher self guidance, we miss out on living our dream life. Instead of learning to connect with our higher self to explore and create our lives as healthy and joyful human being, we rather learned to dim our light and fit into a sick society where magic has vanished for most. 


Codependency is not who you are and it is not your fault. If you feel stuck in a toxic relationship, controlling family dynamic, draining workplace or If you care more about other people's needs, opinions and feelings than your own, often feel depleted of your energy, you are at the right place.


Our subconscious gets programmed from age 0 to 7 with faulty beliefs about ourselves and the world. We grew up observing codependent or even abusive relationships where our thoughts and feelings were irrelevant. In this collective paradigm shift, it is time for us to free ourselves from faulty beliefs and embrace our authentic self to create the life and world we want.  


Stephanie, G

Cassie’s sensibility and pragmatic approach brings light, trust and motivation. She is talented to guide and define your essentials keys.

Stanley, M

An Amazing experience! She gives good advices, she’s funny and caring! I’m definitely on the good path now because of her. She helps you understand the way you feel and the way you think!!
Thank you!


Hi Cassie,


I’m writing this review with all my gratitudes! I met you during the darkest time of my life, I was confused by what was happening every day. You are like a super hero saved my life, and led me towards to the bright side!  


My sessions with you have changed my life completely, you helped me understand about  myself, about how I grew up, and taught me how to embrace and love myself, which is very important in my life. 


You brought me not only the courage of how to live as what I want to, but also brought me the thoughts of how could I love myself and to be in a healthy relationship with everyone. 


I would like to give you a big hug and thank you for all your help!



With thanks,