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Dare to unlearn and unleash

the authentic you!

Choose yourself and move; 

  • From confusion to clarity

  • From stress to inner peace

  • From settling to saying Yes to yourself

  • From feeling stuck to joy & creativity

  • From resentment to freedom


Hi, I’m Cassie

Alignment Coach

Hi, I’m Cassie!
Alignment Coach, teacher, and spiritual light worker – I am dedicated to helping people heal their inner child so they can unleash their authenticity, and create a life they love.

Inner child work is an approach to healing that focuses on addressing our unmet needs from childhood. This kind of self-discovery helps us understand our behaviors, triggers, wants, needs, and toxic patterns that are holding us back, as adults.

The result? You will unlock your greatest joy, creativity, passion, and potential!

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Love Locks

Breaking free from your conditioning

You are a unique expression of source energy who meant to express it's uniqueness!

Work with Cassie
If you have a growth mindset, and you are ready to create greater abundance and joy in your life – I can help you with that!


Listen. I get it! You’re dedicated to your own personal development, and you’ve done a lot of mindset work already. You’ve got a morning ritual. You made the vision board. And you believe in something greater than yourself. So why do you still feel so “stuck?”


Because your inner child feels unsafe and insecure.
It’s time to




Word on the Street…
“Cassie has helped me reframe several key mindsets that were preventing me from growing and evolving into a better version of myself.”

- Bruce


“Cassie helped me understand myself more. She helped me understand the conditions I grew up in, and she taught me how to fully embrace and love myself.”

- Amy


“Cassie’s sensibility and pragmatic approach brings light, trust and motivation.”
- Anne


Are you vibing with me? Well, I haven’t always been this way…

Before everything started to click for me, I was wired up with stress, and on the edge of burnout. I was an entrepreneur in the fashion industry, and when I was hospitalized for 3-weeks after a near-fatal car accident, I had a wake-up call.


This work isn’t so much a journey “back in time” as it is a journey within.


Let’s connect!
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I couldn’t let you walk through the door without giving you a welcome gift! Check out this meditation from Deepak Chopra. It will help you remember who you are!


Stephanie, G

Cassie’s sensibility and pragmatic approach brings light, trust and motivation. She is talented to guide and define your essentials keys.

Stanley, M

An Amazing experience! She gives good advices, she’s funny and caring! I’m definitely on the good path now because of her. She helps you understand the way you feel and the way you think!!
Thank you!


Hi Cassie,


I’m writing this review with all my gratitudes! I met you during the darkest time of my life, I was confused by what was happening every day. You are like a super hero saved my life, and led me towards to the bright side!  


My sessions with you have changed my life completely, you helped me understand about  myself, about how I grew up, and taught me how to embrace and love myself, which is very important in my life. 


You brought me not only the courage of how to live as what I want to, but also brought me the thoughts of how could I love myself and to be in a healthy relationship with everyone. 


I would like to give you a big hug and thank you for all your help!



With thanks,




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