What if you could live authentically
and finally live the life that you want?


Dare to unlearn and unleash the authentic you!

12 Week Breakthrough Program to move you

  • From confusion to clarity

  • From anxiety to inner peace

  • From settling to saying Yes to yourself

  • From feeling stuck to freeing yourself

  • From resentment to happiness

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Hi, I’m Cassie

Certified Life Coach and Codependency Expert

Cassie is passionate about coaching women to break free from codependency, unleash their true authentic self, feel empowered and create the life they love. She teaches women to unlearn old unhealthy patterns to reconnect to their own inner wisdom and power to find wholeness and live the life they are longing for.

Love Locks

Breaking free from codependency

You are a unique expression of source energy, honnor yourself and just do you!

It is estimated that 90% to 97% of the population is codependent. You are not alone and it is not your fault. If you feel stuck in a toxic relationship, find yourself to be a workaholic, care more about other people's needs, opinions and feelings than your own, often feel depleted of your energy and you are suffering more than thriving, you are at the right place. Our subconscious has been programmed from age 0 to 7 with faulty beliefs about ourselves and others. We grew up observing codependent or even abusive relationships and our thoughts and feelings were irrelevant. In this collective paradigm shift, it is time for us to free ourselves from faulty beliefs and embrace our authentic self to create the life we want. 

Next Class Starts September 25th 

No more abandoning yourself. Join now!


Stephanie, G

Cassie’s sensibility and pragmatic approach brings light, trust and motivation. She is talented to guide and define your essentials keys.

Stanley, M

An Amazing experience! She gives good advices, she’s funny and caring! I’m definitely on the good path now because of her. She helps you understand the way you feel and the way you think!!
Thank you!

Olivier, B

Cassie is a very good coach. She takes time to understand you in order to be able to guide you to a better life. I strongly recommend her as lifecoach