Remember who you are. Change your life now!

How can I change my conditioning?

Our conditioning is not our fault and it is not who we are. Our conditioning is faulty when we deny our own needs and or emotions, are people pleasing, have low self-esteem, fear of abandonment and obsessive thinking to name a few. 


As human being we are all codependent at some degree. As long as we will live as our ego self more often then we live as our true self, we will adapt in some ways to fit in rather than expressing our true nature. Codependency mean that we forgot who we really are. We have the false belief that we are not loved, worthy or enough as we are so we often try to control, cling or settle for less than our desires. 

Age 0 to 7 are critical for us to develop healthy beliefs about the self and the world to become healthy functioning adults. If we were raised to believe that our feelings were not significant we learned to live through other people's emotions, leading to faulty conditioning. Our subconscious got wired for safety and survival rater than love and connection. 

Fear is often at the basis of our decisions and we often numb ourselves by overindulging in food, alcohol, netflix, social media, shopping or other substances. We also distract ourselves from feeling our emotions by avoiding them. We need to get out of our story (ego) and see ourselves as the limitless being that we are. Let's do this together!

Some symptoms of faulty conditioning

People Pleasing

Lack of Boundaries


Avoiding to see the toxicity in a relationship


Food, Drugs, Alcohol..etc Addiction

Women Holding Hands