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12 Week Recovery Program

The program includes

  • 1 Private coaching session

  • Weekly video and workbook

  • Meditations and affirmations 

  • Live Q&A zoom each Saturday 10 am eastern time

  • Private facebook group

  • Other bonus and more!! 

Pay only 565.00$ and get a FREE private session
use CODE launch50 at check out to apply your 50% discount

                                         BEAUTY FROM THE INSIDE OUT


12 week transformation program - Recovery from Codependency 


Our true beauty lies in the knowing of our worthiness, our divinity and living a life in alignment with our true self and purpose. 

We live in a society of codependents and there has never been a better time to evolve from it than now. 

We grow up to be codependent when we have lost our sense of self. When our thoughts and feelings were irrelevant and we were forced to agree, comply or be our parents puppets to avoid making them unhappy or worse. Even if you are aware of the unhealthy and dysfunctional family dynamic in which you grew up, from age 0 to 7, our subconscious is under a theta brain wave state and recording programmings for us to then function in the world. Our subconscious is 90% to 95% of our brain and our conscious mind is only 5% to 10%, yes, the part that is aware is only 10%. This is why it is very important to bring our faulty subconscious beliefs to our conscious mind and change them for healthy ones. 

In this 12 Week program, we will unlearn unhealthy patterns and rediscover who we really are. We will learn to honour ourselves and create healthy boundaries. We will learn to become curious and the Sherlock home of our reactions and feelings to heal and become whole and healthy again. 

You will finally live an authentic life without making yourself small and controlled by the opinions or judgement of other people. 

We are lovers, connectors, receivers. There has never been a better time to be alive, you can choose how you want to live your life and create that reality for yourself if you decide to connect to your higher self, let go of the known and explore all possibilities. 


Namaste - Cassie

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Pay only 565.00$ and get a FREE private session
use CODE launch50 at check out to apply your 50% discount 

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