At the age of 24, I had created a successful business in the field of fashion after graduating from a renown school in Fashion Design. I had huge instant success; I was travelling around the world, had a jet-set life, I remember thinking 'I have made it'. I was following the society recipe for success and I believed that was it. This feeling did not stay for long.

Knowing that I should be happy but feeling empty inside I thought something was wrong with me. I remember not feeling worthy of what I had. I thought, there has to be something else, something more meaningful to life than all that. But I was lost and did not know where to look to fill that void. This realization left me struggling with depression. The feeling of unworthiness was creeping in and getting louder. Around the same time, I had a huge betrayal from my business partner which really broke my heart. My world was collapsing, someone whom I really trusted betrayed me. My first reaction was to split the business and restart alone. In a very short period of time, I managed to find a new local, employees, convinced agents to follow me, it was very hectic. I had travelled 3 times in a month back and forth from Montreal to Italy to try to rebuild my business. I was really exhausted, not eating properly, not sleeping, not taking care of my self, I could only see my revenge and my pain was driving me.

One night in Italy, I remember feeling so tired from all the fighting and struggle, I could not bare the pain anymore. I decided to surrender, too tired of carrying all these feelings, it was too heavy. In that moment of surrendering, something that I will remember for ever happened. I started to feel my heart open up, I began to feel love, so much love that I was overwhelmed in love, peace and worthiness. I could feel love so intensely that there was no more room for hatred or feeling of betrayal. I could have stayed in that moment for ever and never ask for anything else. I could feel love and compassion for everyone, even for the people who had betrayed me. That experience had changed me forever. I knew then that there was something bigger, something way more meaningful to life then what I was led to believe. It took me years of learning and searching to make sense of what had happened to me and why, I read and listened to many spiritual teachers, became curious about the human brain and body, learned about meditation, I became fascinated by life itself. A new paradigm had opened up for me and my suffering had become my passion. Which eventually led me to get a Theta Healing & Life Coach certification. Not yet knowing that helping people become a greater version of themselves would become my passion, it all unfolded in a long journey.