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Meet Cassie


Alignment Coach

As a successful entrepreneur in the fashion industry, Cassie also struggled with her mental health since she was a kid. After a decade of running her own fashion business, she decided to dig deeper into spirituality to heal herself. She was so amazed about her own healing journey that she decided to get certified as a life coach & a Theta healer. Since then, she became an expert at healing the inner child. She is also studying psychology at the university Laval because she just loves to learn and help her clients in the best way possible. Cassie redirected her career to help others create the life they want that also fulfills them from the inside out, mind, body & soul. 


Sound familiar? Raise your hand if you have…


-Low self-confidence

-A constant feeling of “not being enough”



-Lack of clarity

-Financial struggles

-Codependency issues

-People-pleasing tendencies


Yes? – I see you. And I’ve been there.


But here’s the thing. Living a fulfilling, abundant life doesn’t have to be hard! If you want to reconnect to your greatest joy, you need to connect with your inner child….and I can help you with that!

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My Vision

My vision is for everyone to connect to who they really are so they can taste the sweetness of co-creation and transform their lives. It has never been a better time then now to free ourselves from unhealthy societal construct and live as our authentic self. If we heal ourselves we can heal the world. One person at a time, Let's do this together! 

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