Meet Cassie

Certified Life Coach 
and Codependency Expert

As a successful entrepreneur in the fashion industry, Cassie has a very interesting story about how life showed her the road back to her authentic self. Why she made a vow with herself to help women reconnect to their true self in the hope that the world be in a righter place where self love, abundance, true connection, happiness and joy become our new normal.


8 years ago, after a betrayal from her business partner, Cassie was at the worst possible point in her life. Everything was collapsing before her eyes. She decided to leave the business and rebuild it by herself while heart broken and resentful. Her ego pushed her so far that she lost her physical and mental health. It's only at that time, where Cassie started to realised that all these efforts were not worth it. She wanted to feel light and joy again, the heaviness and exhaustion from swimming against the current was unbearable. In that very moment, she decided to surrender. Immediately she felt so much lighter, inner peace and she could feel her heart full of love like she had never thought possible. In that instant she experienced a paradigm shift and she understood that there was way more to life than what she had yet experienced. She understood that life was showing her who she really was and if she would get out of her story (ego) she could rediscover wholeness and live in a place of joy like she had felt in that instant. She later made her life mission to help other women unlearn old patterns and unleash their authenticity to create a life they love. 

My Vision

My vision is for all women to heal from codependency, return to wholeness and live the life they dream of. It has never been a better time then now to free ourselves from unhealthy societal construct and live as our authentic self. If we heal ourselves we can heal the world. One women at a time, one mother at a time, one child at a time. Let's do this together!